Stones of Unity

A 2 and a half minute video that catalogues the building of the Auld Acquaintance and some of the messages buried within it.  (Click on the white box below.)


In Their Own Words

Jill Simpson & Lee’s Hill Church of England Primary School

“I love it.  The Loch is awesome.  It’s like a massive swimming pool.”

The students at Lee’s Hill Primary have been studying issues surrounding the referendum and looking at how land use changes over time.  Their teacher, Jill, says the kids have found it very difficult.  “What I’m trying to tell them,” she says, is “you can show how you feel. It’s right to have a choice.”

Listen to Jill and her adorable students in their own words, here.



Ryan McCormack, Cake Factory, Glasgow

“We deliver cakes all over.  What the country is about is having a wee bit of tongue in cheek, but not always being serious.  I think just now it’s about not taking anything for granted.”

Everyone’s always happy when they eat cake.  Ryan stopped in to add a stone to the cairn while driving home to Glasgow from a business trip in Northern England.  Listen to Ryan’s story here.


Andrew, David & Chris, Glasgow

“A friend of mine basically got the van, got the trailer, filled it up with petrol for us, and said, ‘On you go boys. Go and do what you do.”

Listen to Andrew and his buddies here.



Stephen Owen, Glasgow

“It’s become more apparent to me that, those things that I would want for Scotland, I would want for everyone.”

Listen to Stephen in his own words here.




Jill and John Minett, Hampshire

“We had lots of relations in Scotland.  I suppose we had idyllic family holidays there, climbing Ben Rinnes, egg hunts, building dams across bournes and rivers.  If we didn’t come back every year, something was really missing.”

Listen to Jill and John here.



Matius, London and Germany

“We had walls in our country.”

A London-based German, Matius shares his view on a country divided.  Listen to Matius by clicking on his photo or the link below.  Listen to Matius here.



Max Hora, Shropshire

“It’s nice to have something that is constructive and positive and permanent, you know.  There’s something special about a cairn.”

At home in Shropshire, Max restores classic cars from the 1960s.  He drives over 200 miles to spend the day making sure all the messages left by visitors to the Auld Acquaintance are easily visible.  Listen to Max’s story by clicking play below the photo.

Listen to Max in his own words here.







‘Rock Selfies’



Launch Day


Explorers and Mountaineers Day

Joanna Lumley at the Cairn