Hands Across The Border Is Changing

We’d like to thank all our supporters for what has been an overwhelming response to the “Hands across the Border” initiative. It is amazing that so many people from both sides of the border have committed to creating a visible display of union between our nations.

We’ve now decided that rather than pushing the human chain – which has proved logistically very difficult – we are going to work on something more straightforward and more enduring. So we have come up with what we feel is a better plan!

We wanted to come up with a lasting marker of our union. Something more accessible for the young and old. Something that future generations will look at and remember, with deep gratitude: the moment we chose to stay together.


Right on the border, in a field at Gretna (adjacent to the M6), we are inviting families from Scotland, England, Wales and Northern Ireland to bring stones and build a great cairn. Stone cairns have built in Northern England and Scotland for millenia, to celebrate a sense of shared space. Together we hope to construct a striking and lasting testimony to the Union.*

We will begin the project on Sunday July 20th and continue every day thereafter, for the following eight weeks and hopefully beyond. We would always love to hear from anyone who is coming, but we also want people to feel they can just turn up and make their mark.

Most of all we hope that this is an opportunity for creativity, and for you to put your own personal touch on this testament to the Union.

Join us, everyone – families, students, old, young, Scots, English, Welsh, Irish – to say that you want to keep our country together.

We look forward to seeing you there.