Hands Across the Border is a community from across the United Kingdom building the ‘Auld Acquaintance’.
This is a stone cairn on the English-Scottish border which is being built by individuals and families as a testament to the Union.

Be Britain still to Britain true

O let us not, like snarling curs,

In wrangling be divided,

Till, slap! come in an unco loun,

And wi’ a rung decide it!

Be Britain still to Britain true,

Amang ourselves united;

For never but by British hands

Maun British wrangs be righted!

No! never but by British hands

Shall British wrangs be righted!



Frontier ~ Julia Rampen

Seagulls skirl

over red cliffs,

smell of salt

in crevices.

Lobster pots

litter the harbour,

a knocked-out tooth

boats pass through. Rockpools

a tart reminder

of rival territories.

Sea flays

the harbour wall.

We skim stones:

patter drowning

stifled conversation.

Sometimes a border

shows itself too late.

Sun drags shadows

across pebbled sand,

casts seaweed

as jewels,

gilds blessings

on the tyre

once a seal

until black water

is gnawing our boots

and scales flicker

in night’s net.

The smugglers’ caves

only a different pitch

of dark.

They left messages.

We reach inside words,

feel life’s grit,

loops tightening,

uneven wall. Stumble forwards,

write secrets of our own.

Worry and Comfort

Worry and Comfort ~ Jake Reynolds

Worry moors at door creaks, beds dead weights on floors, hinges downstairs heaving: sound of someone leaving.

a fugitive, born in taking out the bins, children quiver at squares of cold air. this is fear. this is

sweat before beading. thunder-grumbles trump pining bellies, starved on darkness, louder

than a heart. you see them already running,

laughing, hands plaited in furnace-finger figurines

before you even learnt how to tie a tie or turn the house off at night. in dreams kerbs elude you,

screams escape as mews yet love returns like fever, scoops you in its arms, offers leverage: a totem or

token of i-won’t-go. you learn the world is divided into two: the Comfort and the Worry.

the bet: love will not leave home.

wagers weighted on open palms:

1) words parcelled in a promise. 2) a wallet teeming with paper greens: a new kind of solace.



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